Pain is calling for help


You don’t hear my tears on the other end of this phone.
You just hear my calm quiet tone.
You think I’m sniffing from allergies here.
But is actual pain my dear.
I am sad and I am not okay.
I’m alone and don’t know what to say.
I hide from help because of my past.
Their truths turned on me so fast.
Their lies broke me down.
Now trust can not be found.
So I sit here in sorrow on this call.
Aching, breaking, ready to fall.
And you are willing to let me cry.
You are willing to say goodbye.
Because I act strong I know.
I told you myself I was gonna go.
I was gonna hang up and cry.
But that is not me asking for goodbye.
No that is my at of asking for help from you. Because hiding pain is all I know how to do. Mercy must not be asked of me. Strength is all I must be. But everyone needs help sometime. That is why I am writing this rhyme. I am just sad and I am just mad. I don’t know what to do. But I know I want to talk to you.


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