Bottom of the Bottle


Suddenly you got lost in the bottle.
You went full force on the throttle.
Full speed down the hill.
And all you ask for is a re-fill.
You fell down to the bar.
You never do get very far.
One sip and you were done.
And yeah it use to be fun.
But now it’s dark and it’s mean.
You started off as a young teen.
Now a man or supposed to be.
But a hopeless drunk is all I see.
Empty glass so you cause a scene.
It’s too bad you’re out of green.
But isn’t this where you flirt your way.
Tell them you’ll pay them the next day.
A face like yours they wouldn’t say no.
And that’s the reason why I had to go.
Bottom of the bottle is where you are.
Just a drunk living in a bar.


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