Change happens


Suddenly I can walk in the dark.
This new building is mine.
I no longer hear sports bark.
I got this tattoo as a sign.
I’m finally sleeping at night.
This new chapter seems about right.
I was scared to move before.
Scared to walked out that door.
But this new life is inviting and warm.
Anything can happen each day.
Once in a while we get a storm.
But my dad is now here either way.
Change is hard I can tell you that.
It’s going to catch up on you.
You can’t run or hide under a hat.
You just have to accept what’s new.
I’m finally realizing it all now.
That I make the best of what I got.
We made through and I don’t know how.
But I’m glad my family had a second shot.
We may not be in the same house at night.
And sport may be up the sky.
But there is a good future in sight.
And no one is read to say goodbye.
So I’ll try and ignore the past in my head.
I’ll get use to this new home each day.
Tell my family I love them before bed.
And greet change in any single way.



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