Rest In Peace


Suddenly you don’t text back anymore. You don’t knock on my door.
I saw you just the other day.
Why couldn’t you just stay.
Why’d you have to go so soon my dear.
Life without you is my biggest fear.
I remember your laugh just right.
Your smile, how I’ll miss that sight.
You left your friends here son.
All those memories and all that fun.
They’re crying for you to Rest In Peace up there.
Our fondest memories of you we all share.
It won’t be easy with you gone.
I’ll think you from dusk to dawn.
Keep smiling up there though.
That was your best feature you know.
Smile down on us everyday and night.
In this god awful town you can be our light.
This shouldn’t have happened to you.
We all wish there was something we could do.
But people are ugly and hurt others here.
They start trouble and it’s always near.
But they take the good ones and run.
That game isn’t very fun.
They take our friends and family away.
Run and try to think of lies to say.
It’s not fair you know.
That you had to go.
Rest In Peace my friend.


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