We are our own hope sometimes


Sometimes I wonder why I still write.
Why I still feel lost in this world of mine.
I wonder what exactly is this fight.
Am I actually okay? And I even fine?
What am I doing here in this place?
Who is here for me to cherish for years?
What exactly am I up against in this race.
This race against time, hope and fears.
This is life and I am utterly lost.
This is life and I don’t know what to do.
Im broke because mistakes have a cost.
Where I may end up I have no clue.
I’m a mess and this is who I am.
I curse a lot and break things and I lie.
I have a fucked up life and don’t give a damn.
Everyone who comes close says goodbye.
But I am who I am and made it this far.
I accept myself for me and who I’ll be.
Whoever that possible be becomes one day.
If I’m rich and happy or sad in a local bar.
I will smile with hope and tell myself I’ll be okay.




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